Items are regularly donated to the MMP1917. This can range from militaria to objects linked to a specific person, and are thus often donated by relatives. We are also regularly offered local WWI-related archaeological artefacts. In principle, we accept all donations that correspond to the mission of the MMP1917.

The donators of objects that are not related to WWI and that therefore do not fit in the renewed acquisition policy are referred elsewhere. If a donation is of local historical interest, they are referred to the local historical society. If that is not the case, the donator is referred to another museum, institution or archive.

The procedure for donations has been modified in the new collection plan: the initial selection takes place ‘at the door’.

Maybe you or one of your family members or acquaintances is prepared to make a donation. If so, you can download the donation form here or you can contact Evy Van de Voorde via