The Menin Gate commemorates 6.928 Canadians who died in Flanders during WWI. They have no known grave, either because their remains were not recovered or because they could not be positively identified.

The Passchendaele Museum gave them a tangible place in the landscape.

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Share unique stories, letters or images of Canadian war dead through the interactive map. With your contribution, you help building a platform for relatives, interested people, researchers and museums.

Explore five themed walking loops through the former Canadian battlefields. Along the way you will learn about the Canadian lads who lost their lives here along every street, on every corner.

Passchendaele Route – 8,3 km

Passchendaele Route – 6,3 km

Passchendaele Route – 6km

Zillebeke Route 1916 – 7,5 km

St. Juliaan Route 1915 – 5,2 km

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