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Interactive design

Discover and experience the story of the First World War and the Battle of Passchendaele in the interactive design of the Passchendaele Museum.

Family friendly tour

Lisa, Louis and our museum rat Maurice will take our youngest visitors on a discovery tour with a folding map and audio play.

Green environment

The Passchendaele Museum is located in the chateau grounds of Zonnebeke where you can take various walking and cycling routes to discover the surroundings.

Reflection Points – War dead in the grounds of Zonnebeke Chateau

The Passchendaele Museum opened its new temporary exhibition ‘Reflection Points – War Dead in the grounds of Zonnebeke Chateau’. The expo comes together with a walk in the castle park where Reflection Points recall the tragedy that took place there. A digi-expo tells the story of the war events in the park.

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As a Passchendaele Member, you show that you have confidence in what we do and in our core values: ‘Experience. Reflect. Remember.’

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Audio tour

Do you want to listen to the audio tour in advance or after your visit?

Documentary Battle of Passchendaele

Do you wish the watch the documentary about the Battle of Passchendaele that ran in our museum until the end of 2022?

Click here for the documentary