Pupils of Zonnebeke plant 1,875 flowers in castle park

Flanders fields, including the castle park in Zonnebeke, will be 50,000 flowers richer by next spring. Zonnebeke pupils are also participating in this action within the project ‘LANDSCAPES – Feel Flanders Fields’.

Our Westhoek has a unique landscape. More specifically, a landscape of remembrance, in memory of the First World War. To connect our history with the present generation and our landscape, 50,000 flowers will be planted in ‘Flanders Fields’ this autumn, in cooperation with Westtoer.

Connecting with the young generation

Zonnebeke made an appeal to the schools, which was received with great enthusiasm. No fewer than 325 pupils from three local schools planted 1,875 flowers among the memorial gardens in the chateau grounds of Zonnebeke. On 10 October, the first flower bulbs were given their places. On 12 October, the last part followed.

The Allium ensures (bio)diversity

A conscious choice was made not to use a ‘classic’ commemorative flower, which focuses on one particular target group of victims, but an inclusive, new flower: the Allium. It stands for all nationalities, soldiers and civilians who died on Belgian soil and focuses on a future for all. It therefore symbolises protection and averting danger.

There is also a focus on biodiversity: the flower is loved by bees and butterflies. It blooms for several years (in May/June) and is easy to maintain. As well as doing well in the polders of the Northern Westhoek as in the hills of the Southern Westhoek.

In short: the Allium is a powerful call for a sustainable future and a hopeful statement for peace.

Interplay of colours and scents

Next spring, ‘Flanders Fields’ and thus our own chateau grounds will be transformed into a purple sea of flowers. The combination of the poppy reds, the purple Alliums and the other flowers in the gardens will create an interplay of colours and scents. Definitely worth a visit.

Our unique commemorative landscape

This action is part of the WWI theme year ‘LANDSCAPES – Feel Flanders Fields’, in cooperation with Westtoer, Tourism Flanders, Region Westhoek and all LANDSCAPES project partners. Several projects have already been developed within this theme. For example, the Passchendaele Museum’s temporary exhibition ‘Reflection Points – War Dead in the Castle Domain of Zonnebeke’ or the ‘Invisible Landscape’ project in cooperation with Regionaal Landschap Westhoek.

Find more information about the project “50,000 Flowers for Flanders Fields” on the website of Tourism Flanders Fields.

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