At the end of the war, only destruction remained. Not only had villages been destroyed, but also families. The death of a father, son, brother or friend activated the grieving survivors. In the 1920s, thousands of them visited the Westhoek, looking for the burial place of their loved one or the battlefields where they had fought and died.

The Passchendaele Museum and the University of Kent are jointly organising the theatre walk ‘The Way Back’. The castle grounds of Zonnebeke forms the backdrop for a unique experience. A combination of projections, video mapping, music and the spoken word bring back to life the Zonnebeke as it was around 1920. The scars of the war are still visible. British pilgrims, German visitors and the local population meet each other, while the ghosts of the war still haunt the landscape.

  • Date: 24 until 26 May, from 6 PM onwards
  • Tickets soon available

This project is a part of the WWI theme year LANDSCAPES | Feel Flanders Fields, organised by Westtoer and Tourism Flanders.





This event received the label EU chairmanship in the category Culture.