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step 1 - checklist

This checklist* will help you through the process

I Photographs, documents and artefacts

1. Photographs: (at least one photo is required)

a. photo as a soldier
b. photo as a civilian
c. photo with family (brothers, sisters, parents, friends, children, ...)
d. photo when he was a child
e. photo from work/school/society
f. photos from local newspapers
g. pré-war photos
h. photo of his grave
i. other photos

2. Documents:

a. related to his military career
i. service records
ii. official documents related to his death
iii. letters related to his death
iv. official war diary
v. gallantry medal citation
vi. letters he wrote home and letters he received
vii. personal diary
viii. medical record
ix. newspaper articles/clippings

b. related to his civilian life
i. birth certificate
ii. education
iii. profession/daily occupation
iv. marriage certificate
v. other

3. Artefacts:

a. medals
b. cap badges and insignia
c. wartime souvenirs
d. other

II Stories and tales
a. where/are there any stories going around in the family about the man (oral history)?
b. family history (pre-war and post-war)
c. Information on family visits to his grave/memorial

Download the checklist and guidelines here (in PDF)

* checklist only available in English/checklist enkel in het Engels beschikbaar



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