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The Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 keeps the memory alive of the Battle of Passchendaele where in 1917 in one hundred days half a million casualties fell for only eight km’s gain of ground. The museum is housed in the historic château grounds of Zonnebeke and focuses on the material aspects of World War I. Attention is paid to uniforms, battlefield archaeology and artillery. The renovated museum consists of five different parts. On the first floor you will get a comprehensive overview of the First World War in the region by means of a unique collection of historic objects, lifelike dioramas, and photo and film footage.

Then you can experience how the British in 1917 went to live underground because there was nothing left above ground. In the unique Dugout Experience you will discover communication and dressing posts, headquarters and sleeping-accommodation. The third part covers the museum extension in a completely new underground building about the Battle of Passchendaele. This part deals with the international dimension of the war by focusing on the contribution of the different nations during this battle. In addition, by means of a model, the link with the war landscape is made. Next to the Dugout Experience, visitors can also go through the new Trench Experience in the fourth section, where a network of German and British trenches has been reconstructed. Also original shelters have been rebuilt here. It is a special experience of how life in the trenches evolved throughout the war years. The fifth part, the Hall of Reflection, focuses on the commemoration and remembrance of the many hundreds of thousands of victims who struggled and particularly suffered here. Finally, there is the famous work of art by the New Zealand artist Helen Pollock, ‘Falls the Shadow’ made from clay of Passchendaele and Koromandel in New Zealand.

You can visit the museum individually or in groups.

Groups (min. 10 persons) need to make a reservation via If you want a guide, please book your guide at least four weeks before your visit.

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